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Originally Posted by Nature's Call
More recently, on a whim in Chapters I picked up a copy of Time's Arrow. I'm not sure how obscure it is; I've yet to meet someone who's heard of it.

Strange though. It's written backwards. No, not like the movie Memento where you see the end scene, followed by the scene that happened just before it, leap frogging back to the beginning. It's more like watching a film while it's rewinding. The story begins with the protagonist dead - then a few seconds later he feels much better, surrounded by doctors, ultimately concluding with his birth - the other end of his life. Conversations begin with "Goodbye" and end with "Hello" The description of going to the bathroom will make you clench! The strange device works though, adding drama and unique perspective on the Nazi atrocities.
I have! I bought that on a recommendation from a friend. I wasn't too into it the first time I read it so perhaps it's time to try it again. Thanks for the reminder.