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Originally Posted by EJsGirl
The Demonologist, about a ghost busting couple named Ed and Lorraine Warren. IIRC, she was a trance medium.

It allegedly chronicled their various adventures amongst the otherworldly!

Ooh! I had that book in middle school, and the pictures of the "floating" objects used to freak me out immensely.

The strangest book I've ever found is a used copy of a Kreskin book...I'm fairly sure it's called "Kreskin Predicts Your Future Through 2000!" but I'm unable to find it on Amazon or anything. It was a most amusing read about things to expect up through the year 2000, including large cities sinking into the sea (not anything so obvious as Los Angeles or anything...I believe it was Denver, possibly?!), alien attacks, and the world coming to an end sometime in the mid-nineties.

The coolest/strangest thing, however, was that at some point someone had tucked several newspaper clippings of accounts of people vanishing between the pages of the book. Not vanishing as in they were never heard from again, but vanishing before someone's eyes. At least ten different clippings, dating back to the 60's if memory serves. We've still got it somewhere.