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Originally Posted by Ruken
Iridium is rather inert; I'd go with that. Does anyone know if osmium metal will oxidize in air? The stinky tetroxide is some nasty stuff.
webelements says:
The solid metal is not affected by air at room temperature, but the powdered or spongy metal slowly gives off osmium tetroxide, which is a powerful oxidising agent and has a strong smell.
Note that the name "osmium" came from the "strong smell" of osmium compounds.

The tungsten fishing weights would be a cheaper way to go, and the OP might find some in the right size and shape for his purposes. Unless he has access to a machine shop like Mr. Goob's, he's not going to get them into any other shape. I'd love to see those darts, or, more specifically, pick one up. A commercial fabricator has this to say about tungsten:
Tungsten is very difficult to machine and fabricate. With experience, it can be turned. Milling is all but impossible. It is only done with great difficulty and high cost by those most experienced with it. Forming must be done at very high temperatures and with careful stress relieving. Welding is not recommended and riveting is difficult at best. Extreme care must be exercised when designing a component from tungsten. Rembar will readily provide assistance during the design stage upon request. Rembar offers tungsten in powder, sheet, wire, rod, and pressed/ sintered forms. If it is possible to fabricate the part needed from tungsten, Rembar can do it for you.