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Originally Posted by Q.E.D.
It might have the same density, but the electromagnetic signature would be very different. This property is used to detect counterfeit gold bullion and coins, by using a purpose-designed metal detector. It works the same way as discriminating hobbyist metal detectors do to differentiate between valuable items, such as gold jewelry and coins, and buried junk, like tin cans and nails.
Even not considering this, a couple more points - I doubt that you can buy tungsten in ready made ingots formed to mimic gold bullion, appropriately stamped. You would face considerable expense getting the stuff formed into that shape, given the fabrication difficulties. Also, I suspect a lot of the protection for a gold buyer comes from a non-technical source. I doubt that gold bullion changes hands in any significant quantity without substantial identification and registration procedures. It would be difficult to cover your tracks well enough to prevent getting caught when somebody uncovered the deception.

BTW, if you follow the other links in this thread, $3/gram is very high. I suspect that is for extraordinary purity or specialized forms like wire or foil (your site is a research supply house). The guy selling the "pellets" on EBay is selling them for about $1/gram, and the 1/2 kg "desk weight" cylinders are priced at $99: