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Originally Posted by zut
Bad analogy, because the treadmill in this case isn't reacting to the plane's motion. That changes the problem considerably.
No. Itís nearly a perfect analogy.

Itís two closed systems working against each other. With the landing gear as the connection.

Sheeessss. Put a Cessna 172 on a runway.

What type of force is exerted on itís wheels and landing gear at a take of speed?

Compared to the force that the engine needs to pull the plane forward, and get air over its wings itís nothing.

Nothing at all.

Now. The force on our 172 landing gear certainly counts for something. Double the speed on the gear and itís going to be more. But not much.

Does any one believe that ANY airplane could not take off because of the effect that the landing gear is spinning twice as fast as normal?

IT WONíT MATTER. It would be a ***** to steer before transition, but the plane would take off. It has ground speed. Air over the wings. Thatís all that matters.