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Originally Posted by enipla
Not sure what the question was really asking. If it concerned the ability of a plane to take off while not moving but with the engines at full power, the answer is so obvious that I canít imagine anyone seriously asking it (as it turns out some folks didnít get that either :stunned: ). Why even include the conveyor part at all?
For me, personally, I thought the answer to the question where the plane is allowed to move (with wheels spinning) was so obvious that the question wasn't worth asking--the answer is clearly what you stated, and how can anyone argue with that? In any case, interpretation of the question is key.

Originally Posted by David Simmons
it appears to be an unstable system. In order for the conveyer belt to move, the plane has to move. Once the plane moves in the slightest then the conveyer rapidly accelerates to its limiting speed, or to destruction whichever occurs first.
Unstable in the sense that the system quickly bumps up against some real physical limitations. Stable, though, in the sense that the conveyor could theoretically hold the plane in position to within an arbitrarily small distance, and small perturbations in thrust only require small changes in belt acceleration to hold it in place. Until the system bumps into the real physical limitations, of course.