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Originally Posted by Go You Big Red Fire Engine
You think he's annoying with psychiatry? You should hear him talk about marraige!
And in other news, I can actually spell marriage.
But a good link to support my statement:
Originally Posted by AHunter3
Marriage is a relic. Commit to the persons who are your co-parents, for the life of your children. Don't confuse it with other (erotic, romantic) commitments. Commit to love, passion, the person for whom you feel it...for as long as you feel it. Be nice to them when it's time to go.
I made the mistake of once mentioning I was engaged to him. Of course he just had to go on and on about how he couldn't understand why you would want to get married, how could I know I want to spend the rest of my life with someone, and how marriages never last, etc etc.

AHunter3 should shut the fuck up about everything. He's a condescending ass.