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Originally Posted by NoelG
First post (Yay, me.)

K, on this topic: so many wasted words for such a simple question. When conducting mind experiments, one doesn't worry the mechanics. Thus, Einstein could hop on a train that could approach the speed of light, etc.

The simple and obvious answer to the OP is: Given that a treadmill can be constructed to keep the plane stationary, the plane will not take off. No lift is being generated, lift coming from airflow over the wings. QED.
First, welcome to the boards. Second, reading the whole thread would help to avoid problems like this. As has been stated by multiple level headed people you are answering a different question than the people who think the plane will take off. You are defining the speed of the plane relative to the moving surface of the treadmill. The others are defining it relative to an immobile object. Think on this young one, and return with wisdom.