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Originally Posted by ralph124c
Suppose we humans have ignited a massive climatic change, and (as Gore wants us to believe) or the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps melt off. This means that the seas will rise, and mankind will have to migrate away from the coasts.
That's a worst case scenario. More mainstream scenarios have sea level adjustments occurring over many years.
Will this also mean that formerly dry areas (like the Sahara and Gobi deserts ) might become moist and productive? Or will the newly enlarged oceans turn cold, and actually increase the deserts? I can certainly agree that global warming can be bad, but it might also benefit in some ways-Europe grew tremendously in the warm period fromAD1000-1350. Of course, if you live in Bangladesh, global warming won't be very nice.
Sounds reasonable, but I'm not a climate scientist.

One cautionary note is in order. The costs of climate change will be an order of magnitude lower1 if humanity responds to it in a responsible and reasonable manner. For example, one would hope that intensifying shoreline destruction would lead the government to write-off wide areas, rather than indulging in half-assed and expensive rebuilding programs.

That is, adjustment should be subsidized as opposed to trying to recreate what once was.

Of course I'm thinking about the ongoing New Orleans fiasco. But I could also be referring to future efforts by midwestern farmers to apply for ever-larger disaster subsidies from Washington DC or Canada's future difficulty in taking advantage of its newly fertile lands.

If we lack the ability to take some simple preventative measures, there's no reason to believe that future adjustment policies will be handled in an adult-like manner.