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Originally Posted by John Mace
I prefer Anthropogenic ClimaIe Change (ACC), or Human Induced Climate Change. If it were just "change", then there wouldn't be much that we can do about it.
That's simply not true! Even if we do assume for the moment that human influence has been minor (something I do not personally accept), why on earth do you claim that humans can do little or nothing about it?

In fact, we're already doing something about it without even deliberately trying! Just tonight, PBS' science show Nova aired a disturbing broadcast about Dimming the Sun that reveals that particulate air pollution is producing a vastly greater number of over-small water droplets in clouds which in turn reflect vast amounts of sunlight back into space, effectively cooling the planet. This cooling has had the effect of making the very real global warming (not just your ACC) falsely appear to be a less dangerous problem than it really is.

(Just for the record, the type of solar cooling that this documentary refers to is an extremely poor and unsafe way to try to mitigate global warming. See the link and follow through the sublinks to learn why).

But the belief that humans can do nothing about global climate change if it is caused largely or mostly by non-human factors is almost certainly unjustified.