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Originally Posted by David Simmons
The OP asks if An Inconvenient Truth is "balanced." Just a reminder - balance is highly overrated. There are not always two equally valid sides to every dispute.
I agree with you and with the several others who have made the same or similar points.

But I wish to add a further note: It is extremely foolish to demand "balance" from any single source of information, such as An Inconvenient Truth. All we can ask for is integrity and intellectual honesty.

A while ago on another board I posted a review and comments about the book Farewell to Eden: Coming to Terms With Mormonism and Science, a critique of the Mormon attempts to reconcile the LDS Church's teachings and dogma with science. The book was attacked (as was I) for not presenting a "balanced" approach to the issue. As if no critique is "balanced" unless it actually argues both for and against every point of view! That's just ridiculous.