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Originally Posted by ralph124c
Suppose we humans have ignited a massive climatic change, and (as Gore wants us to believe)...
As Gore wants us to believe? You meant nearly every competent climate scientist in the world there, right?

Originally Posted by ralph124c
...both the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps melt off. This means that the seas will rise, and mankind will have to migrate away from the coasts. Will this also mean that fomerly dry areas (like the sahara and Gobi deserts ) might become moist and productive? Or will the newly enlarged oceans turn cold, and actually increase the deserts?
Climate change is too complex to be reduced to a single factor, of course, but the climate change we've already seen (not just from CO2 increases) has drastically reduced rainfall in various parts of the world (such as near the Sahara) and that trend will almost certainly continue, resulting in increasingly draught and famine.