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Originally Posted by DrDeth
Less Greenhouse gases does not = "cleaning up the environment" although the two can be connected, of course. CO2 is not a pollutant. CO2 is GOOD. It's just that more CO2 that we are historically used to may raise the temp more than we are used to. However, in general "less CO2" = "less economy". Would you be content to not drive, and use 75% less electricity?
Oh, if only burning strawmen could be harnessed for energy! You'd be a 21st century hero!

The oil/energy companies and their disciples loooove to set up this type of false dilemma where people must choose between living comfortably and living responsibly. "You can't live greener! Why, that means selling your car, moving to a commune, and wearing bracken and moss! The greenies want your children to have to do their schoolwork by firefly-light!! They want you to follow WICCA!!!!"

There's a great quote in the movie that applies here. It's something like, "people have a tendency to go from denial immediately to despair, without ever stopping on the way to solve the problem."

From one who's actually (gasp!) seen the movie that's being debated here, I can tell you that as sobering as the manifold facts presented are, by the end of the film -- especially if you stay through the brilliant credits -- you leave not hopeless or depressed, but full of vigor and initiative. You want to take responsibility for your actions, make small but noticeable changes in your personal choices. The film offers dozens of simple, meaningful methods of reducing your carbon footprint and cutting down on consumption. During the credits, they list a plethora of ideas on how to make an impact on larger society as a whole. Things like changing lightbulbs, leaving your car at home sometimes ... nothing that will have you questioning whether you live in the 21st or 18th century!

To the OP: just go see the film. It's enjoyable, understandable, moving, thought-provoking, and even funny. (Hilarious clip from Futurama in there. )