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United States Achievement Academy

I actually worked for the USAA in 1982 for a month, until I was struck with a case of conscience and morality. I challenged the director/founder/owner, George Stevens, about the legitimacy of this organization. As far as I could see, he created a bogus "honorary" award, claiming to have the status of the "who's who". I told him that I felt he was taking advantage of people who couldn't afford it, and was preying upon the parents of students who might never have the chance to be included in a "nationally published directory". And then I quit.

Anyone can be "nominated" by a teacher/counselor/coach in any category. Thus all students everywhere are qualified for this "honor". The nominees are automatically accepted and can send in their biography for inclusion in the USAA yearbook at no cost. But if you wanted your picture in the book, you had to pay a fee and to purchase the book was about $80 back then.

And if I remember correctly, none of our local schools were allowed to participate - because of the school board rules, trying to protect the students and parents from this fraud.

I believe that USAA began giving out scholarships after Dr. Stevens left the organization. So while they still operate the yearbook - they give a tiny bit back. I know a girl who still works there and says that they sell between 1 and 1.5 million books each year.