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Originally Posted by Marley23
You're correct that this is all developing early, but she doesn't have much reason to rush. She's going to be able to raise a ton of money and has big name recognition. This NYT article - which also says she wants to wait a few months to declare and indicates that Gore is not running right now - explains that she wants to accomplish a little more in the Democrat-controlled Senate before declaring her candidacy. Which could allow her to find her voice and some dominant issues in the process.
She needs to. Money and name recognition won't help her if everyone in her natural constituency is already in love with Obama by the time she declares. She'll need to be able to bring some distinctives to the table that Obama lacks.

This excerpt made me wonder just how out of touch she is:
At several meetings, Mrs. Clinton has wondered, with obvious exasperation, why her husband was able to delay making his presidential announcement in 1991 until October, while she is under increasing pressure to make hers earlier in the year, participants said.
Well, y'know, Hil, it isn't 1991 anymore; it's 2007. By the spring of 1999, GWB was practically the de facto 2000 GOP nominee. Things change over time. Get over it.

The other thing that's kinda weird is Team Hillary's attempts to put a Cone of Silence over which issues she intends to run on, and stuff like that. By now, she should know. And if her vaunted 'experience' is to be parlayed into an advantage over Obama and Edwards, it should be obvious what her issues are - just the way it would be obvious what Gore's campaign would be about if he were to jump in. But it's not. Does Hillary have the guts to be for Hillarycare? Is she willing to take a stand on global warming? How's she gonna finesse Iraq? Hillary, we hardly know ye.