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There are people who use pseudonyms -- but they are used with the full knowlege of the people buying the puzzles. Since it is a financial transaction, the buyer needs full, legal name, SSN, etc., of the seller. Pseudonyms are used for other reasons, such as to make it slightly less clear that the same constructor wrote 20 of the 60 puzzles in one issue of a magazine.

Exapno's various theories are all good -- esp. the "good vowel/consonant combo" theory. Note for PROFLIGATE, for instance, that the pattern is CCVCCVCVCV -- a very workable pattern. SHRINKPROOF, for instance, would be CCCVCCCCVVC -- much uglier.

The question "where are you seeing the repetition" is relevant. Seeing the same word twice in one week -- once in a daily puzzle and once in a collection or magazine -- I'd have to call that coincidence. Twice in the same collection or magazine -- if it's not a theme word, the editor may or may not notice; may or may not care (if the use in neither case is a theme entry, e.g.); or may or may not be able to do anything about it.

And sometimes it's just sheer, raw coincidence. Once I spent about 20 minutes putting SUPERMARKET into a puzzle to solve some other problem -- and then noticed that it was elsewhere in the grid. That also happened to me once with DIPSTICK. In neither of these cases was this a theme word -- just something fun and (I thought, mistakenly) different.