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Originally Posted by lissener
This is why I quit doing crosswords: the 187th time I came across the word "eyrie," I decided that, in order to become a "master" crossword puzzler, all you had to do was memorize the extremely limited lexicon of the "professional" crossworder. Where's the challenge in that? That's when I became bored with it.
I was doing some of an old Margaret Farrar S&S book. Those puzzles are full of obscure geographical locations, animals, Polynesian gods and all sorts of crap. Usually crossing. Now I know why my mother-in-law had a crossword dictionary by her side doing them. I need a dictionary maybe twice a year for modern puzzles. Yes, there is a small set of words with odd letters, but it is nothing like what it used to be. All hail the modern constructors!

Really, get a book of old puzzles and give it a shot. You never complain about an aerie or oreo again.