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Hey Jorge, you may want to reread the OP.
Not counting humans as enemies, AND assuming the animal is full grown and healthy I can only think of a few.
As for what animals, well most of the large animals mentioned fit the bill, but I guess its not an exact science. Water Buffalo who are full grown and healthy are pretty safe, but I wouldn't say they have no natural enemies. I guess a better question is what species have no natural predators in their environment. Here, most of the big cats fit becuase AFAIK only the kittens fall prey to hyenas and jackals. Giraffes are safe once they are grown, but thats because they are too big to be killed not because lions won't do it.

Pigeons in cities have not predators, but in the wild they do, do they count? In Australia many introduced animals have no predators, but in their original climes they do. Consideration of these situations is confusing.

Komodo(?) Dragons have no predators.

Do canibalistic animals count? Black Widows have no predators I am aware of except their own.

Humans have no enemies by some accounts. A bear or lion may kill us, but they don't prey on us.

Cattle and Buffalo probably didn't, but what things were like before domestication is beyond me.

Coral isn't eaten I don't believe, but I could be wrong.

Tigers, Dolphins, Vultures, Condors, and Horses