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Originally Posted by Snowboarder Bo View Post
I don't think I've ever had anyone of my picks die during the year. Repeated wholesale failures caused me to stay away from the 2018 Pool but I decided I'm just going to keep using my previous list until some of them just fucking die already (no, none of them died this year either).

Loretta Lynn (coalminer's daughter)
Charlie Daniels (made a deal with the devil)
Tommy Chong (stoner)
Jimmy Carter (nuclear peanut farmer and construction worker)
Donald Trump (con man)
Henry Kissinger (jackass)
Sandy Koufax (southpaw)
Curly Neal (#22)
Bobby Bowden (Puntrooskie caller)
Buzz Aldrin (original moonwalker)
Clint Eastwood (chairtalker)
Fred Silverman (former TV exec)
Ron Popeil (legendary inventor & marketing genius)


Al Jaffee (very unserious guy)
Bill Cosby (rapist)
Regis Philbin (professionally inoffensive host)
You should do a clean list, without commentary, lest the Death Mistress give you the stink eye and curse your loins.