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I have not played it, only watched people playing it. From that, it seems to do a good job with the aesthetic it's aiming for: high seas piratical adventure. It has fun with the concept, with treasure maps, tall tales, cryptic clues, ghost ships, and cursed booty. It has enough sailing mechanics to reward working as a crew, but not so many that it completely bogs down the game.

The downside, and the reason I will never play the game myself, is absolutely toxic PvP. There is nothing to deter other players from harassing you incessantly while you try to actually follow treasure maps, or fish, or battle a kraken, or just go shopping. There is no place to go to get away from a persistent troll, which means the game is infested with persistent trolls. (I'm told that the recent addition of an arena feature has lured some of the obnoxious PvPers away for a while, but I still see them plaguing streamers occasionally.)

tl;dr: Game seems cool. Playerbase is full of jerks.