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This one weird trick can help any state or city pass clean energy policy

Elect democrats.

Elect democrats in veto-proof majorities to the legislature. Elect democratic governors. Elect democratic mayors, councilmen, and the like.

That's the trick, according to David Roberts of Vox:

There are many differences among these jurisdictions in size, ambition, and policy details, but one thing they all have in common is that Democrats have the power to pass policy despite Republican opposition. It’s not that no Republicans voted for any of these measures — there were R votes here and there, so some could charitably be called “bipartisan” — but that Republicans were not in a position to block any of them.

Last year, Nevada had a Republican governor; he vetoed a clean energy mandate. This year it has a Democratic governor; he signed it.

That’s how it works, in practice. When Democrats take control, in numbers that preclude Republican veto power, they pass thoughtful, ambitious policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the clean energy transition. Where Republicans have the power to block such policies, they do. There are exceptions — all hail Illinois — but they are comparatively rare.
The easiest way to pass these bills, legislature crucial to help ease the ongoing climate catastrophe, is not to woo republicans. It's to make their voices irrelevant.

There's a lesson here.
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