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Originally Posted by FairyChatMom View Post
A few days before my sister got married 25-ish years ago, one of the groomsmen decided to have elective surgery on his nose. He's quite the sight in the photos with the big white bandage in the middle of his face. I'm pretty sure that friendship fizzled shortly thereafter.
I was sitting in the church waiting for the wedding to begin. The woman I was dating was the maid of honor. She came running over to get me. Turns out the best man had just recieved a phone call that his newborn son, who was in the neonatal ICU since his birth two weeks prior, had died.

I filled in as best man. I thought I did an admirable job, given that I didn't know a single person there other than the maid of honor. The mother of the bride was stressed out and kept screaming at me to do things I had no idea were my responsibility.

The marriage lasted a few months. The bride never stopped "seeing" her "other boyfriend" and her husband found out.