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I totally agree with you that it can be a pain and it seems like just about everything these days is governed.

When I was working as a Pharmacy tech in a grocery chain for a year we had to do all the things that you mentioned, except check a computer base. We just wrote the person's name down in a book that was provided by the state and note that we checked their ID. Customers were only limited to (I think) 48 tablets a day, depending on the strength, from what I can remember.

One of the Pharmacist may have checked the log to see how regularly a customer was buying it, but I never saw them. Though there was a time another store called and asked us to check our list for a certain person and the dates they came in. It turned out he was store hopping for a couple days and that store ended up calling the police.

Though besides that one time, we never really did anything with the book. Just stored them away after they were full. I am sure they were sent to the state after a couple months.

I never looked at anyone odd for buying them either. I was doing my job by putting their name down. It wasn't my job to judge a person by their purchase.

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