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Originally Posted by Plumbkrazy View Post
I would've called him on it then and there. You're the customer, you're not breaking the law, and he's some putz pharmacist making 40 grand a year. Who the hell is he to judge you?
$40k? I don't think there are any pharmacists that have made that little since the 80's. We are making like 3 times that nowadays.

Originally Posted by cjepson View Post
That's generally true for me also, but one time I went in to my local CVS (where I've been a customer for about 8 years) near closing time and tried to get a pack... the pharmacist exchanged glances with the manager and said "We're all out."
I don't know if they were telling the truth, since that is the classic line when we don't want to sell something or fill a script... However, CVS got into some trouble due to their psudoephedrine selling practices a while back, resulted in a BIG fine, and the loss of all the profits from psudoephedrine sells. Since then, CVS corporate has been much more strict, and has actually limited the amount of psudoephedrine products shipped to their stores. So.. It is possible they actually were out.

Originally Posted by shiftless View Post
I am curious how these rules are made? What is the government agency that just gets to make up rules about what drugs are legal?
Nationally? Congress is the ones who set up all the rules and regulations on psuedoephedrine sales, as part of the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005. However, the various states have made a lot of their own rules, which might be stricter then the national requirements.

Personally, I have no problem selling psudoephedrine, it is my nasal decongestant of choice, and I recommend it to all my patients. In my experience it works much better then phenylephrine. However, I have seen some shady people try to buy the maximum amount they can, and they always seem to ask for Sudefed 24hr or 12hr.