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Originally Posted by Moonlitherial View Post
You can buy either Tylenol/Codeine (Tylenol 1) or Asprin/Codeine (222's). Both of those have 8mg of codeine per pill. Pure codeine and higher dosages (tylenol 3) are still prescription only.
Do some of the provincial or municipal jurisdictions have stricter controls? Last I checked, Schedule V controlled substances, which includes the weaker Tylenol/Codeine and codeine cough syrups (e.g. Robitussin AC), actually don't require a prescription under Federal drug laws in the States. But the majority of states have their own stricter laws in place about this.

Had this not been the case, I think the Feds would have simply decided that Sudafed would now be a Schedule V controlled substance.

To those in jurisdictions where you need a script to by Sudafed, are they renewable?