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Originally Posted by Antigen View Post
I actually thought it was very non-Church-bashing. Cosmos is about science and the universe, yes, but it's also as much about the wonder and awe that can be inspired by a look at everything around us. I think that showing Bruno's idea of an infinite universe created by his infinite God was a beautiful way of making it all more accessible to those who still have a science vs religion mentality. The universe is amazing and infinite and wonderful - and whether you see it as God's creation or a purely natural phenomenon, that wonder doesn't go away.
Well, I watched the episode with a 13 year old girl and when the animation ended she asked" Why was the church such jerks?" So whether they intended it or not to be church-bashing, I think it came off that way to a lot of people. Also, and this is really nitpicky, but when he was tied to the stake and they thrust the crucifix in his face, he turned aside which I thought was lame and undercut the idea that you could be religious and scientific.

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