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Originally Posted by Baracus View Post
Based on the second line of their OP it appears they already did that.

Personally at this point I would probably shut off the breaker to that circuit and call an electrician.

In the interest of getting more information though, does the popping sound correspond to turning anything on or off, or is it at random? Do any lights flash or anything when it pops?
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This may or may not be relevant...
How old of a house / wiring are you talking about? Older houses had what is called 'knob and tube' wiring. This consists of wiring that was commonly insulated with 'fabric'. The wires inside of the walls were separated from each other, with the wires being supported / strung on separate ceramic 'knobs' or posts. With age the fabric covering used as an insulating material becomes brittle and this usually isn't a problem except where the wires come together as they enter the box.

If you just started hearing these 'popping' noises since you had the plugs changed, this may be the spot where the sounds are coming from. In the course of changing out the plug, the wires were moved around and could have caused some of the brittle insulation to flake/fall off of the wires.

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