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Sounds like a short to me. I'd call an electrician. (Also, if you ever hear a "popping" sound when you turn a light switch off or on, it's time to cut off the power and replace it.)
Would it be alright to recount an experience here? Not trying to "highjack" or anything...
We lived in a very old farm house for awhile, and every time there was an electrical storm fireballs would shoot out of the plugs down near the floor. My brother and I would literally jump them as they shot across the floor like mini bowling balls. Then we started going outside to sit in the truck whenever a storm came over, because we figured the rubber tires made it a safer place to be than staying in the house.
I know the wiring must have been bad and it's a wonder the house didn't burn down, but why did the fireballs only come out of the lower outlets instead of all of them?
(I put this in because it looks like a lot of "electricity-minded" people are looking at this thread.)

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