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Originally Posted by JBDivmstr View Post
Read the link, thnx. Now there'd be NO place safe to go. lol (Luckily not in that situation anymore.)
You're right. They had to have been sparks but they "looked" like fire. About the size of baseballs and they would "roll, shoot" out at least halfway across the floor. We were afraid that if they touched us we'd be electrocuted. Didn't even think about a fire.
The farmhouse was really old, possibly built in the late 1800's. Two-storey. Our only source of heat was the fireplaces in almost every room, until the parents bought a WarmMorning heater for the upstairs (which had grates, too, but remained teeth-chatteringly cold.) No original bathroom, but somebody had put one OUT ON THE SIDE PORCH. lol So it was probably built before electricity had got out to that part of the country, and before having an indoor bathroom was considered a necessity.
Beautiful house. I could tell you more about it if anybody's interested. But not very safe, I'm thinking.