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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
I doubt he really wants a special counsel. He's just doing like Trump; talk about crimes that were committed and the need for investigations - but then don't actually start any investigations.

Why? Because anyone can claim that crimes were committed. But an investigation would require actual evidence - which they know they can't produce. They want to avoid an investigation which would just end up exonerating their opponents. Instead they just keep talking and spreading rumors without having to back it up.
Originally Posted by Euphonious Polemic View Post
THEY know that. The base does not. And that is who the message is for: The ignorant, uninformed base, who need a distraction from the shit-show happening in the Trump administration.

It is a cynical, dishonest bunch of complete bullshit, and Kelly is the one manufacturing it and shoveling it out to the rubes.

He knows it's bullshit. He knows he is fucking up the country. He doesn't care.
He's more evil than Trump, really. Trump is the Loud Guy In The Bar who doesn't know diddly-squat, but thinks he has the answer to everything - only with money and now the Presidency. He's evil, but is too stupid half the time to know why what he's saying is total bullshit.

Kelly isn't stupid, and has to know why this line is bullshit. But he's going with it anyway. He's basically what Trump would be if Trump had smarts and had his shit together as a villain.