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FREE Book! (And Help A Fellow Doper By Reading It...)

I have just uploaded my novel, "Fool Proof" to the website, Authonomy.
This is sort of a slush pile for authors to submit work and have others read it, make comments, and continue to work on it before trying to publish it in some form or manner.

It is totally free (although you might have to register), and there are tons of other interesting books to read as well - so consider this a cool link to lots of free books.

However, it does help to have more people read and comment on your book, and thus I was wondering if some of my fellow Dopers would be so kind as to go in and check it out, and perhaps write a comment or two?

Here is my current blurb:

"Mike led a rather charmed life as a manager/agent to the biggest musical superstars in the world. When the President of the USA stopped by rather unexpectedly with a request to save the free world, Mike could hardly refuse – especially considering his rather angry, bitter and vengeful ex-wife was married to the President. Mike came up with one of his famous “fool proof” plans, but as anyone who has ever created a fool proof plan can attest, there are plenty of fools out there to screw up the best of plans. Spies, terrorists and politicians were often somewhat uncooperative with each other. Add to that a rather lengthy list of little things like attempted murder charges, hijackings and kidnapping, Mike also had to take care of some high-strung divas who could easily be more explosive and dangerous than any of the spies, terrorists or politicians. Still, Mike had many resources, inspired tricks and secrets in that closet he had come out of many years ago, and they served him well in time of need – and he still found time to go out and have an occasional drink with the guys."

And here is the free link to the book:

Any comments would be welcomed - the good and the bad!