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Originally Posted by Mijin View Post
Is it too late to discuss the last 3 series? It would be nice to clear up some things lest I spoil my enjoyment of the new series

The whole thing with Craster.
What happened there was so inevitable, I don't get it.
Craster lets dozens of armed men, many former criminals, into his home full of food and women, far from civilization. Then sits there and taunts them.

Yeah I know they've taken an oath, but bearing in mind the circumstances, and the cutthroat nature of this world and its inhabitants, it's basically a suicide attempt. The fact that there has to be a penalty for desertion, already implies that the oath does not in itself result in 100% obedience.
He's a crazy old man who marries all his daughter, lives alone with them out in the wilderness, and has had the same relationship with the Night's Watch for years and years now. I can easily imagine him getting a little more abusive each time he shelters them until finally the situation has reached the point of no return. The real world is full of people dying because of their own stupidity. He's just one of many examples of the exact same thing in Westeros.