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Originally Posted by Mijin View Post
Well, his craziness seems quite specific, as in all other respects he's a survivor. And he usually doesn't let his guard down (e.g. when he realizes he's being followed by jon snow).

And it's not just Craster, the lord commander walked into that situation blind. I don't care how many times he's been to Craster's before, it seems out of character for him not to appreciate the risks of this many ill-disciplined guys in a confined space with weapons and plenty of incentive around them.

Of course, I'm unlikely to convince someone to be irked by something that they didn't find irksome when they watched it themselves.
Just wanted to know if there was more specific reasoning for this state of affairs.

IMO, the Wall and the Night's Watch, while some of the most famous things about GoT, are the bits that make the least sense in the story.
The nightwatch who stayed with Craster the first time were an army under control, the ones who straggled back in were a bunch of desperate survivors. There was no reason to expect any trouble the first time, Craster is used to dealing with them and they both know that they have to take his shit and like it. He did not properly evaluate the situation the second time around, neither did the Lord Commander for that matter.