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Dear Newly Ex-Co-worker:

Don't let the door hit ya, etc.

But did ya hafta quit NOW?

(Retail sucks this time of year. Being shorthanded sucks any time of year. The amount of turnover we've had lately is annoying. I doubt we'll replace the person in question until after New Year's, and I think we're about to lose another one because they are being a pain in Boss's neck. I don't know details, I'm just tired of the string of new names on the schedule and new faces passing through).

Dear Unloved Co-worker:

I do not understand how you can feel so uniquely put-upon for the amount of work you put in today. You seem to think that unreasonable things were asked of you, and you went above and beyond the call of duty, and frankly, I don't see it.

And when you ask me a question, I never feel like you understand the answer I give the first time. (And I can't believe you've worked here as long as you have and not picked up on my scheduling quirks, although it's probably not actually fair to judge you for that).

But I reserve the right to judge you for being slow as molasses and way too willing to talk to whomever about nothing and refuse to pass messages to someone for you.

And there's a reason I showed up to be helpful *after* you left, and not before. It's 'cuz I don't like you.