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Yesterday morning, I asked my boss for something to do because I'd finished everything he'd given me. He said "Take a break" and that was the last I saw of him. I did get a couple of small tasks from the engineer I've been working with, but they didn't fill more than an hour.

I had about an hour's work waiting for me when I came in this morning. I went to my boss - almost FOUR HOURS AGO - to ask for some work. Nothing.

When I was in the limbo of waiting for my computer accounts to be set up and all that early-job silliness, I heard a lot of talk about backlogs. I thought I'd be busy. But for the most part, I waste a lot of time, like now. I've got one resume out and I'm thinking of sending out a few more. I don't have to work, being retired, but I want to work because I was bored being around the house all day. Now I'm bored in a cubicle.

This sucketh mightily!