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Originally Posted by FairyChatMom View Post
Now I'm bored in a cubicle.
That's my corporate experience also. I'm very well organized and make efficient use of time, so I finish tasks quickly. I've tried the tactics of asking the boss for more work, asking coworkers if they need help, finding my own useful tasks to do... all of it just results in a few minutes of work followed by hours of sitting around waiting for the next task. I spent a few years evaluating if I was doing something wrong because coworkers are constantly whinging about having too much work to do while I sit around mostly and work about an hour a day. I've pretty much concluded that it's the difference in efficiency. I don't waste a lot of time socializing at work, and as I said, I'm very organized so my tasks get done way, way faster than everybody else.

I also had the experience at one place where I did all the work that a slacker coworker wasn't doing, thinking that I'd shine and get promoted, or at least recognized as a rock star. Nope. Just exploited - no recognition, no raise, no bonus, not even a thank you. So I don't do that anymore. If a coworker is allergic to work so his assignments back up, that's on him. (I do help coworkers who get behind through no fault of their own. Just not the deliberate slackers.)

I have another rant to add to this thread. After close to 30 years I thought I'd encountered every flavor of good and bad coworker/boss. But now I'm experiencing a new one. A coworker who is stalling, delaying, doing everything in his power to not do a project and deftly making it look like my team is delaying him. He's quite good, but I'm getting so sick of it that I'm ready to nail him to the wall. Going to get my boss to handle him, though, just to "play nice" in this stupid corporate world. First, it shouldn't be his project and I don't know how it got dumped on him. However, it was so he should get it done. He started out making it sound like my team was the bottleneck so he asked us to get a head start on our part of the work. We did and gave him feedback. He tried to make it sound like my team were the decisionmakers when we're not. But we humored him and made a decision. Now he's pushing back on that decision and questioning it. Delay, stall, stall, delay. Leave an email trail that looks like we were the problem.