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Most of the time when I've got nothing to do at work and others do, it is indeed a difference in efficiency.

But in my current job, it's the bosses who have given a ton of work to some people, and assigned to others maybe three tasks for which we don't even get the input we need. My German coworker is efficient as all get-go, but she's got a mountain of work whereas the two Frenchmen and I are really busy twiddling our thumbs. We help her with what we can, but since we can't do it openly (again, because of the bosses, or rather a specific one), it can't be anything that needs a lot of explanations.

The boss who's a problem is the same one who can't believe in work from home: we get to be onsite for weeks despite having no meetings at all. He's also fixated on using the new system to reproduce exactly the old ones: instead of replacing as much as possible, we're keeping as much as he can get away with, and instead of having the immense majority of their corporate data in a single database, they're using SAP as a mere reporting tool interfaced to a ton of systems, some of them older than me.

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