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We have an electronic training system. Now, whenever I entered something to be assigned, it would come back to me at least three times for correction. And don't get me started on identifying who has to be trained, or the undocumented requirements. It drove me crazy trying to get an assignment through.

So, I was received a slew of assignments, more that could possibly be completed within the (undocumented) limitation of so many a day. I went through them, trying to prioritize, and found a bunch of unnecessary or duplicate training, but no one will cancel the assignments.

Then I started doing the assignments that made sense to me, while waiting for the mess to get straightened out, and every single training item had errors. Every one. I would get fired if I did this.

I've decided to just enjoy this, make a game out of finding the errors, and seeing how far I have to get the duplicates removed.