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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
I doubt it. South Korea still needs America as a counterweight to China.

Kim seems to be looking to take North Korea from its outlaw status to regular dictatorship status.
You're probably correct, but the some segments of the left wing in South Korean politics believe that the US has conspired to disrupt ties between the North and South, and they wouldn't mind seeing the US out altogether. I'm not saying all South Koreans feel that way - the right and the centrists probably want the US to stay. But Moon represents a center-left position that sometimes leans away from the US.

I think what all South Koreans see the value of the US as a trading partner, and as you say, this enables the rest of Asia to have some balance in dealing with China's ascent toward being a superpower. On that note, Trump's proposed economic policies (tariffs and pulling out of TPP) with respect to South Korea would seem counterproductive.