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Originally Posted by FlikTheBlue View Post
The House Democrats are preparing a resolution on anti-Semitism following some statements made by Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota).

From what I've read, Representative Omar seems to be making the following argument.

1. American-Israeli groups / lobbyists donate to some lawmakers.

2. Those lawmakers support Israel.

3. Therefore those lawmakers (some of whom are Jewish) are taking money from and being influenced to support a foreign power.

She has called out this money flowing into American politics, including the now infamous "all about the Benjamins" tweet. This has led to charges of anti-Semitism against Representative Omar.

Here's the debate. Are the things Representative Omar has said anti-Semitic, and if so why? IMHO the things she has said are not anti-Semitic. She has criticized some particular groups such as the Israeli government and American-Israeli lobbying organizations, but AFAICT has not said anything about Jews in general. The Israeli government and lobbyists working on their behalf ≠ Jewish people in general. I don't see criticism of other governments, even explicitly religious ones, leading to similar charges, including these examples.

1. Many people, including many Catholics, criticize the Pope and the Vatican without being labeled anti-Catholic. Although they do not lead nations, the religious leaders from many other demonations are similarly criticized without those doing the criticizing being labelled as bigoted against the denomination in question

2. Many people criticize many governments and world leaders from autocratic nations like Kim Jong Un, Nicolas Maduro, Raul Castro and their regimes, but they are not automatically labelled as being bigoted against Koreans, Venezuelans, or Cubans.

In other words, I don't get why Representative Omar is being attacked the way she is. What am I missing here?
The answer is obvious: she's a foreign-born, brown-skinned woman who wears a hijab.