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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
By my reading and understanding, Omar has mixed some entirely reasonable criticism of Israeli govrenment policies and some US office-holders unquestioning support for these policies with some unfortunate anti-semitic tropes (like the "all about the Benjamins" and "allegiance to a foreign power" stuff). I think it's reasonable to criticize her for utilizing these anti-semitic tropes, even if it's unintentional.

I'm hopeful that she'll learn how to make these reasonable criticisms against Israeli policy, and the unquestioning support of that policy by some US politicians, while avoiding those anti-semitic tropes.
I don't think "all about the Benjamins" is necessarily an anti-semitic trope, though - at least not in the context of what she said. She didn't necessarily single out Jews; she was responding to a comment made by Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, who criticized US political leaders - Jewish or not - for their positions on Israel and on free speech rights, to which she responded "It's all about the Benjamins." By that she presumably meant that US politicians who support Israel do so because they get financial incentives to do so - but that's true of politicians who support other kinds of political interests. It's just woven into the mind of everyone that any remark like hers that is critical of Israel is inherently anti-Jewish, which actually speaks to how successful pro-Zionist groups have been in getting post-WWII guilt-laden Americans in conflating Israel and Judaism.

As I've said in other threads, though: she has to understand she is the last person who can say such a thing. Not just because she's a Muslim but because she's a foreign-born Muslim, and born in a country with a history of anti-US sentiment. It's not fair - she should theoretically have the same right to express herself as the rest of us, particularly given her commitment to public service. But sometimes optics matter, and this is one of those times. She can still criticize Israel but using Twitter to do it isn't the right approach, IMO

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