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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
How about the fact that AIPAC isnít giving dollars to candidates, unlike the NRA, so sheís factually wrong?
Is it really that simple?
Among the best-known critical works about AIPAC is The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, by University of Chicago professor John Mearsheimer and Harvard University Kennedy School of Government professor Stephen Walt. In the working paper and resulting book, they accuse AIPAC of being "the most powerful and best known" component of a larger pro-Israel lobby that distorts American foreign policy. They write:

AIPAC's success is due to its ability to reward legislators and congressional candidates who support its agenda, and to punish those who challenge it. ... AIPAC makes sure that its friends get strong financial support from the myriad pro-Israel PACs. Those seen as hostile to Israel, on the other hand, can be sure that AIPAC will direct campaign contributions to their political opponents.
Bolding added.
And do you assert that greedy Jews using money to manipulate people just isnít a theme that has been used for hundreds of years to play on racist sentiments?
Do you assert that any concerns about Likud's political operations in the US are racist, and so should be dismissed and denounced? It looks that way.