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Should we abolish the Senate?

I've been reading a lot lately about the nature of the Electoral College. It's come up for debate in Maine, because the state is thinking about joining a compact that would award our electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote, regardless of how the people in Maine actually voted. Supposedly this would take effect when enough states to determine the outcome of the election join the program.

The issue always seems to come down to "one person, one vote" vs "rural states should keep their influence."

The thing is, the real power in the country is in the legislative branch. They are the ones with the power to declare war, to levy taxes, to pass laws, and to otherwise do things that can actually effect our day-to-day lives. The president is a fairly weak executive, with very limited authority by comparison He can't really do much of anything without the approval of both houses of Congress. If we change the system of electing the president, that still leaves us with a legislative branch with the exact same power imbalance that folks complain about with the Electoral College. So shouldn't we also abolish the Senate?