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Among other things that the Senate does, is provide a brake on rash popular choices. (In the case of the current Senate, it provides a brake on well considered proposals when they're from the "wrong" party, but eliminating the Senate would only move the location of the battles.)

The House is supposed to be the "Rah, rah, let's get it done!" chamber giving voice to the people with a lower age to join, fewer protocols to observe, etc.

The Senate is supposed to be the deliberative chamber, requiring greater age to get in, with many odd protocols to be threaded to accomplish anything.

That is why it is often not a heavy burden to stampede the House into impeaching someone, but it is much more difficult to persuade the Senate to convict.

If you do not like the way that Senators are allocated by state, suggest a new manner to fill that body, but I am going to oppose any effort that results in a unicameral legislative body.