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Originally Posted by Thudlow Boink View Post
First we had this thread alleging that "the Supreme Court is pretty much discredited garbage as an institution at this point"; now we have the current thread inviting us to abolish the Senate. Are we just getting rid of every branch of the U. S. Government today?
For the record, I don't actually think the Senate should be abolished. I was just posing the question because, for all the people who are upset by the electoral college system, nobody seems to even notice that the same disparity of representation exists in the legislative branch.

It seems logically inconsistent to me to care so much some states have proportionally more influence than others when electing the president, but otherwise not care that they have the same disproportionate influence in the legislative branch, especially given that the legislative branch is the one that actually has the authority to write laws, raise taxes, and otherwise do things that actually have a discernible impact on the average Joe's daily life.

I've always figured that the E.C. was borne out of the same compromise that gave us a bicameral legislature, which is why each state got a number of votes equal to their representation in the legislature. So why is it the E.C. takes the brunt of people's ire these days? But the bicameral legislature does not?

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