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Abolishing it would never happen. Reforming it wouldn't be a bad idea.

If I could snap my fingers and change it: We keep it two senators directly elected by the people from each state, but instead of one Senator casting one vote, each senator's vote is proportional to the population of his or her state.

So you take each state's population and each Senator casts a vote representing half of that.

This way, the Senate can still be the deliberative body, Senators still represent the interests of their state rather than their district, but now every state is more accurately represented, as are its citizens.

If you want to see what the US Senate looks like in this situation with the current Senate:

Democrats cast about 162,732,000 votes.
Republicans cast about 145,073,000 votes.
Independents cast about 976,000 votes.

The Independents both caucus with the Dems, which gives Dems control, 53-47%. Not filibuster-proof, and not even a lock for Dems to hold onto going forward. But definitely more fair and representative.

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