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Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
Those actually look kinda awesome to me. I did stop by a McDonalds twice while in India to get a sense of their local spin on items, and they all were pretty damned good fast food. (I had the McAloo Tikki and Maharaja Mac, and probably a taste of something else.)Maybe this particular promotion didnít do it as well, but both look rather tasty to me, especially the lamb McSpicy.
The McChicken Korma Naan sounded pretty good, but the chicken wasn't particularly spicy or flavorful, and the mango sauce was too sweet and kind of overpowered everything- that's the main thing I recall was that it was kind of jarring.

Of course, that was almost exactly 20 years ago when I had it, so I may remember it less fondly than I should!