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Originally Posted by N9IWP View Post
Doesn't help a lot for determining your location (other than hemisphere) and by the time you have determined noon it is probably past it...

Not at all. You can determine noon any time 30 minutes after sunrise. You mark the shadow in the morning, then again 15 or so minutes later, and technically, you have a line.

You can project that line as far as you want. Whatever point on that line is at a right angle to the water bottle is noon, even if the current time is still 7:15 am.

Hell, you can project (heh) when sunset is by just mirroring your sunrise point (which is in the West) to the East side of your line. You have a whole clock in 15 or 30 minutes, and every extra shadow marking increases your accuracy.

After 4 markings (which takes one hour), you're as accurate as you'll need to be.