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Slight correction to the astrolabe idea. Instead of trying to calculate my latitude from my measurement, I can just stop once I've measured the sun's angle of elevation. My billionaire friends back home can punch that into a calculator or whatever to do the seasonal adjustment. Hell, I don't even need to know the current date because they already do.

For what it's worth, and as my username might suggest, I'd give them a rough map of my island's shape by naming squares on a chess board. If I say the square, it's sand. If I don't, it's water. There's even enough time to describe my system to them. An 8x8 grid ought to give them a good idea of what mile-by-half-mile island I'm on.

"If my island were on a chess board, it'd be shaped as...a8, b8, c8, d8...break...a7 b7...break...a6 b6 c6 d6..." and so on.