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Originally Posted by UltraVires View Post
Those can only be issued upon reasonable fear of violence. How does a guy doing a good deed of mowing your lawn fit anywhere near that?
How am I supposed to know the motive? I'm a single woman in my late fifties. I go to the gym and have random conversations with both men and women younger than I. Forget, if you can, that mowing the lawn is a nice gesture. Finding out my full name and accessing property registers to find out where I live and showing up there sets off all sorts of alarms.

No, I don't think every man is out to harm me. But all you have to do is crack open a newspaper and read about how many nice helpful young men turn out to be dangerous little psychopaths. You can't sort them out by looking for the mark of Cain on the forehead. I don't live in fear, but I pay attention to my Spidey sense.

For those of you who still think it's over reacting, let's say you go visit your mother one day. She lives alone and you usually cut her grass. You've been out of town and sick and its been awhile. You go see Mom and it's been done. Well, that's nice. Did one of the neighborhood kids..? No, a guy from the gym. Did you ask him to come over? Well, how did he know where you live? He WHAT?? Mother, what do you know about this guy? He seems nice? So did Ted Bundy.